Acres Reinvents Loyalty (again)
Introducing CyberMax, the most powerful casino loyalty tool ever created

More Data

CyberMax captures and reports a machine's entire SAS report on every spin.

Your system's 1990s hardware can only collect a fraction of available data, and can only produce after-the-fact summaries.

Over the course of a single play session, CyberMax can produce thousands of additional data points, giving you the ability to profitably influence your players in real-time.


CyberMax can write credits, issue free play, change the paytable, initiate free spins, trigger bonuses and more!

Leveraging massive amounts of real-time data, CyberMax allows casinos to incentivize the right player the right amount at the right time.

You Own

CyberMax’s encrypted data reports to a database owned and controlled by the casino.

This platform is open-source, allowing casinos to authorize any application, from any vendor.

Closed-source system vendors shut out new ideas. CyberMax enables them.

Keep Your

Install CyberMax with no effect on your existing system.



Say Hi
to Kai

Kai is revolutionary AI that directs employees to provide service and interactions with players.

Kai collects live data from CyberMax or your legacy player tracking system. When a service or interaction is needed, Kai directs the nearest, most qualified employee where to go, who to see, and what service to perform.

Tasks are times, tracked, graded and reported for accountability.

How You’ll

Casinos using Kai accomplish more work faster with fewer bodies.

Kai reduces service times by over 2 minutes per call and reduces jackpot times by over 50%. The less your customers wait, the more they’ll play!

After 3 months of using Kai, casinos report an average labor reduction of over 20%!


• Instructs, times, tracks and grades slot floor employees

• Recognizes player names and tiers to help elevate the VIP experience

• Eliminates radios and human dispatchers

• Automates MEAL entries

• Streamlines jackpot processing