Acres Reinvents Loyalty (again)
Introducing CyberMax, the most powerful casino loyalty tool ever created

More Data

CyberMax captures and reports a machine's entire SAS report on every spin.

Your system's 1990s hardware can only collect a fraction of available data, and can only produce after-the-fact summaries.

Over the course of a single play session, CyberMax can produce thousands of additional data points, giving you the ability to profitably influence your players in real-time.


CyberMax can write credits, issue free play, change the paytable, initiate free spins, trigger bonuses and more!

Leveraging massive amounts of real-time data, CyberMax allows casinos to incentivize the right player the right amount at the right time.

You Own

CyberMax’s encrypted data reports to a database owned and controlled by the casino.

This platform is open-source, allowing casinos to authorize any application, from any vendor.

Closed-source system vendors shut out new ideas. CyberMax enables them.

Keep Your

Install CyberMax with no effect on your existing system.