About Acres 4.0

Acres 4.0 was founded by John Acres, the inventor of player tracking. Our history of innovation is what’s creating the future of gaming: systems that enhance profitability with technology that is intuitive, robust and helpful on an almost human level.

That’s more critical now than ever. The casino industry as we know it is dying. And so are businesses who refuse to change. We make that change easy for our clients – and we make it profitable, too.

Gaming like you used to know it is gone. So are you going away with it? Don’t die out – move forward with Acres 4.0.

As your partner, we will:

Enable you to enhance experiences without breaking the bank

• Help you make good on the brand promise you’ve made to your guests

• Show you how free play has no place in today’s market

• Save you money – and make you money

• Make the hard things easy

• Relentlessly measure results and keep evolving so you stay profitable